An Injection of Disappointment

The world will eventually witness the atrocities of HAMAS, but many of us who hope for the mercy of the world’s peoples or at least compassion towards us will be bitterly disappointed. No one will change their opinion, and the exceptions will only confirm the rule. 90 years ago, the Catastrophe of the Jewish people began. Since the 1960s, Israel has been showing everyone what happened back then. It happened again – on October 7, 2023, and a month later, the world not only denies what happened but even supports the murderers. Some of you may say that not everyone denies it, and we even have friends. To which I reply, in French, with a question – what is happening now on the streets of our friends (this is not sarcasm)? Jews have had, to put it mildly, a complicated relationship with other nations. Hatred towards us is part of the culture of the majority of them. You cannot rewrite history, but look – it is repeating itself again.

Calmly, without panic, you can always love your neighbor in your own tribe.

Yoav Prokofiev,
The Brutal Truth NPO