Lena and Irena have returned, but they have no home

Dear friends,
Lena and Irena have returned, but they have no home. Their cherished home was completely consumed by flames, leaving them without a place to call their own. The entire kibbutz is now a closed military zone.

הבית שלהן נשרף כליל.

Sasha, Irena’s grandson, and Yelena’s son, the radiant light of their lives, is still held captive, and his father, Vitali, was tragically murdered. Despite the immense challenges, these two resilient women, who endured 54 days in Hamas captivity, are now determined to rebuild their lives.

Lena is particularly concerned about the well-being of the cats in Nir Oz, creatures she and her husband used to care for. In less than 24 hours since her return, she’s already expressing her desire to return to the kibbutz to continue looking after them.

To aid them in restarting their lives, we’ve initiated a fund. With your generous support, we aim to gather a significant sum that will enable them to rebuild their home and find stability once again.

Now is the moment to stand with this extraordinary family as they navigate the journey of recovery.

For contributions: https://giveback.co.il/project/76609?lang=en

Every donation is a meaningful step toward rebuilding their lives.

לנה טרופנוב ואירנה טאטי שבו __
לנה טרופנוב ואירנה טאטי שבו