Supporting Our Heroes: Three Ways to Help

In these challenging times of war, each of us wants to contribute to the support of our warriors. At the “Brutal Truth” Foundation, we have launched several important campaigns to equip our soldiers with the necessary gear that will help them win.

Moments of Truth: GoPro Hero 12 Cameras for Special Unit 901
Modern warfare requires modern solutions. We are raising funds to purchase GoPro Hero 12 cameras for Special Unit 901. These cameras will allow our soldiers to document key moments in battle, providing valuable data for analysis and tactical improvement.

Protection in Combat: Ballistic Helmets for Brigade 8109 Assistants
The safety of our soldiers is our top priority. As part of our second initiative, we are raising funds for Fast Ballistic helmets for the soldiers assisting Brigade 8109. These helmets provide maximum protection and can save lives in critical moments.

Every Step Matters: Tactical Footwear for Reserve Infantry Unit 7421
Supporting mobility and comfort, tactical footwear is a key element of military equipment. Our third campaign is aimed at providing soldiers of the Reserve Infantry Unit 7421 with professional, waterproof, and breathable tactical shoes that meet the European SRC anti-slip standard.

Your Support Matters
Each contribution not only provides our heroes with a physical advantage but also moral support. They know that the people stand behind them. Your help can save lives and assist in achieving victory.

הברי עמותת האמת הגסה
הברי עמותת האמת הגסה