Brutal Truth Association Warehouse in Petah Tikva


In the early days of the war, the “Brutal Truth” association established its operations center and reorganized the activity of its warehouse in Petah Tikva. Today, the association creates connections between various organizations that want to help soldiers and residents of cities and settlements affected in Israel. We are also involved in the purchase and collection of necessary items in our warehouse and organize distribution to soldiers and war victim

Everything is documented and we are uploading live photos.

Bank Transfer Details

When making a bank transfer, please don’t forget to include the note:

Brutal Truth Association Warehouse in Petah Tikva

Account no. 12-616-155234 IL17-0126-1600-0000-0155-234
Please be advised that Bank Hapoalim B.M. SWIFT adress is: POALILIT
The above details of the IBAN and yhe account name apply above mentioned account number only.

Brutal Truth (RA), Sara Aahronson 7 Petah-Tiqwa
Tel: +972(50)3890099