Donation to the Brutal Truth NPO

This magical thing exists thanks to the contributions of people who are not indifferent. Join us! Although everyone attributes a negative importance to it, money is an amazing tool and like anything else, it can be used for good or for bad.

The question is what each of us does with it. With it, one can help needy families by buying food, computers, books, or one can buy an M-16 rifle and go on a killing spree.
We believe that money should be used for noble purposes. It can be turned into whatever you want: a full child’s smile, a tear from a happy mother who won a trip with the whole family, the joy of a grandmother seeing her grandchildren go to class…
The “Brutal Truth” NPO helps families in difficult economic situations. In addition, we conduct educational projects for all ages and within the limits of the means at our disposal, we try to make this world a better and cleaner place.

Bank Transfer Details

When making a bank transfer, please don’t forget to include the note:

Donation to the Brutal Truth NPO

Account no. 12-616-155234 IL17-0126-1600-0000-0155-234
Please be advised that Bank Hapoalim B.M. SWIFT adress is: POALILIT
The above details of the IBAN and yhe account name apply above mentioned account number only.

Brutal Truth (RA), Sara Aahronson 7 Petah-Tiqwa
Tel: +972(50)3890099