T-Shirt: #mybrutaltruth


Specially released during the “Iron Swords” operation, the #mybrutaltruth T-shirt symbolizes not only your support for the Brutal Truth Foundation, but also what we have gathered here today for – the deep connection each of us has with the truth we stand for – the unity of the people of Israel.

Each T-shirt is a contribution to the good deeds of the “Brutal Truth” Foundation. With your help, we develop projects that matter and launch new initiatives to continue the fight for unity.

Wearing the #mybrutaltruth T-shirt is more than a fashionable choice, it is your voice in support of the principles we value: openness, honesty, and civic responsibility.


  • T-shirts are non-returnable after receipt
  • Delivery available only within Israel
  • Free delivery
  • Made of high-quality 100% cotton, ensuring comfort throughout the day