Volunteers of Ashkelon

Since the beginning of the “Iron Swords” war, the “Brutal Truth” foundation has been collaborating with a group of volunteers in Ashkelon. These volunteers stand on the “front line” of the home front: rescuing the remaining elderly, delivering food, animal feed, and water. Additionally, as required, we assist IDF soldiers stationed in southern Israel. The donations collected for the Ashkelon volunteers are used to finance the purchase of necessary items or food. Reports on the volunteers’ activities appear daily on the NPO’s page on meta.


We are a volunteer movement in Ashkelon, led by Igor Tsopa. Our volunteer activities include:

  • Providing hot meals for the elderly, disabled, and large families.
  • Upon requests from specific military units: underwear, power banks, bulletproof vests, helmets, uniforms, and food.
  • We deliver animal feed.

Bank Transfer Details

When making a bank transfer, please don’t forget to include the note:

Volunteers of Ashkelon

Account no. 12-616-155234 IL17-0126-1600-0000-0155-234
Please be advised that Bank Hapoalim B.M. SWIFT adress is: POALILIT
The above details of the IBAN and yhe account name apply above mentioned account number only.

Brutal Truth (RA), Sara Aahronson 7 Petah-Tiqwa
Tel: +972(50)3890099

מתנדבי אשקלון